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We look forward to finding the best solutions in interior design and construction. 

Our aim is to help Customers have great experiences, not only in beauty and quality but also convey a message of immaterial meaning and spiritual values.


From there, our products will create the value of  happiness and prosperity for our Customers.

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A Creative Design Firm

Our Vision

Building the Firm to become an Interior Design and Construction Firm in the spirit of creating a creative difference, with the best quality services.


We aim to benefit the community, create long-term, sustainable value and gain the support of the community.

Only by bringing value to the community's benefits, will develop and be sustainable

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Core value 01.


Standards in each activity, respecting and acting morality.

10 spirits

1. Fresh and Radiant

SCD Firm always attaches great importance to the Brand's image. Therefore, employees must be polite when meeting customers. Beside, SCD Firm always appreciates and helps employees get the most comfort and creativity when working and meeting customers.

2. Commit to serving customers with difference

Serving customers in the spirit of customer is the God, learning about what customers want, to bring them great experinces, genuine and sustainable use values.

3. Smoking free

SCD Firm attaches great importance to the brand's image and the health of employees. To protect others from the risk of inhaling smoke, all SCD Firm's office are 100% smoke free. Even e-cigarettes are not allow, employees are not prohibited from smoking as individuals, but are required to smoke in a far away place so as not to damage the "smoke free" image of SCD Firm.

4. Team work

With the view customer is God, the consensus of the whole team is necessary and mandatory. Therefore, at SCD Firm, we always find every solutionto open our heart to each other, all difficulties must be shares even the smallest. From there, what is brought to customers is the most perfect.

5. Respect

Respect is a foundation of a postive and successful work culture. We respect each other, the idea even if we disagree with it and the firm. We unite different views and feelings into one to create a stronger team.

6. Moral standards

The Firm mantains a code of morality from internal work to public relations. These are established based on attitudes and actions.



7. Nature friendly

Inorder to contribute to improving the living environment and reducing the greenhouse effect, SCD Firm pays great attention to environmental factors. Therefor, in the process of doing business, SCD Firm is always looking for design and construction solutions with environmentally friendly materials.

8. Do not collude, split factions

With the goal of building a community of sustainable development together, SCD Firm will not allow case of rafting, damaging the brand's image and interests of each member and the whole firm as well, as with the customers.


9. Sercurity

Information is one of the important factors. The way we use our information also affects the brand of SCD Firm and customers. Customer's trust is the key to our success.


10. The Spirit of contributing to society through supporting programs and policies to enhance living standards for Vietnamese people in general and farming areas in particular.

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