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American coastal farmhouse style apartment

The 166 m2 apartment is designed in the American coastal country style, feeling like a miniature farm in the heart of a new urban area in Hung Yen province.

The owner of the apartment used to live in the US, so he liked the design style of the suburbs of this country.

With the feature that the apartment has a view of the golf course and lake and a spacious balcony, the architect has chosen the coastal farmhouse design style, featuring the American waters.

The advantage of the apartment is that it has its own elevator to the house, the private lobby is very similar to the ground floor, the bedrooms are full of light.

The downside before the renovation is that the bathrooms are small, there is no natural light, there is no separate dressing room for the master bedroom. The cailing is quite low, making the space secret.

The most prominent feature of the coastal farmhouse style is the design of many windows, in which the large framed glass door will be prioritized to be able to fully admire the beauty of the sea from inside the house.

The architects took advantage of the spacious loggia design to make a place for the homeowner to enjoy tea and enjoy the scenery below. Open space is the key to bring the freedom to the apartment.

Baby blue, pastel mint, white and vintage wood tones play an important role in creating a coastal farmhouse. The furniture of the apartment is also selected in these tones.

ooden chairs and some crafts are used in the kitchen area, which features a typical blend of farm and coastal life.

The vintage style cabinet containing the owner's souvenirs is placed between the living room and the dinning room, as a partition dividing the two spaces.

The architects redesigned the entire master bedroom space. This area has an additional bathroom with natural light as well as a private bath at the request of the owner.

In addition, the master bedroom is also arranged with a separate dressing room instead of the orginal design with only a built-in wardrobe.

The master bedroom is neutral in color with a two-way bed similar to the interior layout in high-end resorts.

The textures on the carpet and wallpaper, green plant,... bring to the room cool tones.

The door handles of the apartment, the sanitary ware are all made of pure copper. The living room fireplace is clad with textured ceramic tiles.

The location and area of the original bathrooms are quite small, there is no light. With this situation, the architect has rearrange the bathroom near the window to take advantage of natural light as well as let the homeowner enjoy the entire golf course scene below.

The entrance to the apartment has a hoe cabinet and a chair for the owner to change shoes.

Neat cabinets, light wood furniture combined with mirrors bring elegence.

Trang Vy

Thiết kế: Fdesign

Thi công&hoàn thiện: Thanh Việt Factory

Ảnh: Abluebird Photography


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