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Digital technology combined with a sustainable green environment

Dear Customers,

In order to specialize and step by step digitize to enter the digital technology era, SCD Firm will transform and change its business plans and activities from 2023 with the criterion "Digital technology combined with a sustainable green environment".

Accordingly, in order to improve product quality, constantly search for new solutions and bring Customers the most optimal values, starting from May 1, 2023, SCD Firm only serves only for the office segment in Ho Chi Minh City area.

We will focus on operating in Grade A buildings, such as Saigon Center, Viettel Complex Building, Opal Tower, MPlaza, Vietcombank Tower,... with the following criteria:

1. Bring green space into the workplace, help promote positive energy and increase work efficiency.

2. Experience optimal service through solutions that help save costs and increase aesthetics.

3. Shorten construction progress through optimized material and technical solutions.

For any contact information or suggestions to help us improve, please send it to the mailbox:

Best regards,

Parker Vu

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