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Feng Shui in the workplace

When it comes to feng shui, many people will immediately think of stones, display items or jewelry worn on people, ...

But in fact, it is just items arranged in feng shui, can be called decorative accessories in feng shui.

Feng shui is the utilization and promotion of the flow of energies. Any good energy activates it more strongly. Which energy is bad, find solutions to limit it. It is only limited but cannot be lost because it is the magnetic field of nature that cannot be destroyed and is also indispensable, just a matter of more or less to help the environment be balanced in the best state.

Therefore, the most basic and first thing in feng shui is to identify the 8 rays with 8 magnetic fields containing the 8 strongest energies that exist on earth.

The layout of departments and equipment will be based on these 8 signs. Because if we accidentally put it wrong can lead to a very serious consequence. It is easier to understand, for example, at position A, there is an arc with a bad magnetic field, but we accidentally add a machine that emits a magnetic field that adversely affects health, then these two bad magnetic fields resonate with each other and large-scale spatial impact. Therefore, it is quite important to determine the good and bad sectors to place the corresponding equipment.

In order for the energy to flow well, the office space needs to be reasonably arranged, creating good conditions for air circulation and energy circulation. Unreasonable layout such as placing walls, cabinets, shelves, machines, etc. will cause the magnetic fields to be interrupted, redirected, scattered, ... making the office unable to gather. positive and positive energies.

The feng shui layout must be carefully studied and have clear content before drawing up the office layout drawing to avoid correction and loss of time.

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