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This is our first long-term project.

With an area of ​​​​over 500m2, the difficulty of this space is that there is both a closed space and a required open space according to the regulations of fire prevention and fighting. It is this that contributes to the decision to be picky about tenants.

Because if the company wants to rent an office, the required area for open space is a waste with the area taking up more than half. As for Coffee shop brands, this is an overwhelming area for them, especially in the center of District 1.

Our job is not simply to design the interior space for this area, but we have to base on the topography and characteristics of the land to research and find an overall solution. From there, help the landlord decide which object to rent and have the best solution in case the tenant only needs a part of the area. This is a difficult problem, but with the determination and enthusiasm of the passionate SCD Firm members, it will certainly bring homeowners the most optimal solutions in the near future. And this is also the direction and development direction of SCD Firm.

SCD Firm's Team

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