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Microsoft Vietnam Office: Modern technology AI, IoT,... in harmony with traditional culture

Opened on February 22, 2022, Microsoft Vietnam's new office in Hanoi is currently one of the most intelligent offices of Microsoft Corporation globally. Located at Capital Place - the most expensive office building in the capital, the headquarters of Microsoft Vietnam is designed to serve a flexible hybrid working model.

The architecture at the Microsoft office in Hanoi is designed according to Microsoft's global standards, in collaboration with the local team to create a space that harmoniously combines modern design and traditional beauty of Microsoft. Vietnam. Right at the entrance is a wall printed with a bronze drum and classic binary characters of the technology world.

The open space is designed by Microsoft to welcome guests and partners, and is also a common living space for employees. The designs with bold Vietnamese colors such as bamboo and rattan on the ceiling, baked brick roof, Hoi An ancient town wall, ... are subtly brought into the space.

The light in the office is soft, making the most of natural light sources. In addition, IoT-related technologies, automatic sensors installed in the ceiling help to measure all data, such as the number of people entering and leaving the room. From there, the system adjusts the temperature of the air conditioner and the light accordingly.

The Phone Booth is designed with almost absolute soundproofing from the outside space. Customers or partners who come to Microsoft Vietnam office can enter the booth to have a meeting or take a phone call, while ensuring security, privacy, and not affecting the people around.

The meeting rooms are named after famous landmarks of Vietnam. Large meeting room is the place for seminars, training or company-wide meetings. This space is also installed with sensors and automatic sound systems. Audio equipment can record and amplify the sound to speakers in the corners of the room, so that employees can hear it clearly no matter where they sit.

The working area of ​​Microsoft Vietnam employees is also designed in harmony between modernity and traditional Vietnamese culture.

The company pursues a flexible working model, which does not require employees to be present at the office, but can work anywhere, as long as they complete their tasks. Therefore, employees often do not have a fixed seat. Each Microsoft employee will have a Locker cabinet to store personal belongings, instead of arranging personal belongings on the table.

Small meeting rooms of different sizes are placed around the office, also equipped with a variety of devices to help minimize the operations employees have to perform, while maximizing the user experience. For example, projection technology for online and on-site meetings, AI cameras help display even words that are blocked by the writer for online participants to still see.

Rest room has massage chair with bluetooth speaker system, soft light to help staff relax. The mother and baby room is fully equipped with equipment such as a sink, a bed, a refrigerator to store milk, etc. to support the staff with small children.

A special highlight in the Microsoft office is that every design is considered to be suitable for all users, ensuring diversity, leaving no one behind and easy to use for everyone. Doors in the office are integrated with "no-touch" technology and open automatically to help people with disabilities easily move. Microsoft Vietnam's large meeting room is equipped with additional technology to assist the deaf so they can hear their best.

Each meeting room is fitted with a nameplate with language for the visually impaired.

The employee's desk is designed to be raised or lowered for people with disabilities to easily use as well as to help employees comfortably change their working position from sitting to standing or vice versa. . The power outlet is also a wireless charger for the phone. The cable not only helps display content on the big screen, but also supports charging the computer.

Setting up an office in Vietnam since 1996, Microsoft Vietnam prioritizes putting diverse people and culture behind (D&I) at the center of all activities. Every employee – regardless of person or position – has access to soft skills and knowledge training courses, personal financial assistance programs, or wellness activities. physical and mental. Talking about the criteria for selecting talented people, Ms. Nguyen Quynh Tram - General Director of Microsoft Vietnam shared: "At Microsoft, we always tell candidates: if you are looking for a "cool" environment to work in Microsoft is not the right place, but if you are looking for an environment where you can do "cool" things for everyone, then Microsoft is the perfect place for you. Our mission is to empower every individual and organization in the world to achieve more. So if you are open-minded, have a spirit of learning, have creativity and want to make a difference and good things for people and organizations, including people with disabilities, please join us. Microsoft Vietnam team".

Ms. Nguyen Quynh Tram also noted, according to statistics in 2021 while Vietnam needs 450,000 IT human resources, the current total number of programmers is only 430,000, which means 20,000 programmer positions will not be filled in this year. near future. This shortfall comes from the disparity between the programmer's qualifications and the business requirements. Specifically, currently only about 16,500 students (accounting for nearly 30%) out of the total 55,000 students majoring in IT meet the skills and requirements of businesses. Therefore, Vietnam needs to actively implement more initiatives and programs to shorten the IT human resource gap to be able to meet the national digital transformation human resource by 2030. "Firstly, from the perspective of Besides schools, we need to build and develop more IT courses and programs, to be able to meet the enrollment needs of students every year. It is necessary to deploy more training programs and projects to improve qualifications and practical experience in the IT industry for both students and employees.

The General Director of Microsoft Vietnam said that Microsoft alone, when the Covid pandemic occurred around the world in early 2020, the Group launched the Global Skills Initiative with the goal of supporting 20 million people. digital skill enhancers. After 1 year of implementation, the program has trained 30 million people worldwide, including 60,000 people from Vietnam equipped with new digital skills. In 2021, this technology group cooperated with the General Department of Vocational Education and Training under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, and the international organization for migration IOM Vietnam, to build a basic digital skills training platform for more than 3,606 and issue 7,173 certificates. only for young workers, including migrants and vocational students. This is just one of many programs that Microsoft is implementing to build and develop IT human resources for the digital economy in Vietnam.


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