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Scandinavian Style

If you are looking for modern living space design ideas, simple but still cozy and comfortable, don't ignore Scandinavian style. That is also the reason that Nordic Scandinavian interior design style with gentle and delicate beauty is increasingly being loved. So what exactly is Sacndinavian style?

What is Scandinavian?

Scandinavian is derived from the name of a place in Northern Europe, the Scandinavian peninsula. The peninsula is surrounded by the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea in the Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea in the Arctic Ocean.

What is Scandinavian style?

Although Scandinavian interior design trends are increasingly popular, many people still do not know what Scandinavian style is? Scandinavian style, or Nordic style, is a Scandinavian interior design style that has a unique blend of 3 elements - minimalism - convenient functionality, bringing modern beauty but still close to nature, course, "simply, cozy and sophisticated" are typical features found in Scandinavian homes. The neutral colors such as white, gray, blue black and white,...bring a sense of harmony, soothing the eyes combined with simple but fully furnished interior products. This blend will give you a feeling of comfort, peace and relaxation. Therefore, Scandinavian interior style is not only favored by young people, but also my middle-aged people.

Scandinavian style history

This style appeared since 1940, but it was not until the 1950s that it was widely recognized in countries sucg as Sweden, Finland, Denmark,... Before that, in 1914, Scandinavian style was known, came to be called democratic design. At this stage, the democratic style focuses on making effective use of natural resources, so products are affordable. Therefore, this interior style quickly became popular with mayny people, opening the premise for the development of Nordic style.

After that, many exhibitions around Scandinavian interior design were held in Northern Europe and America. The Stockolm Exhibition was the first exhibition held in 1930. From 1947 to 1954, Scandinavian terms began to be introduced into the design program in the US and Canada. Besides, many Scandinavian interior design style products are also on display, helping Scandinavian design style become more and more popular. From the beginning of the 21st century, Scandinavian has become one of preeminent interior design styles in the world.

Scandinavian style feautures

To decorate your living space in the Scandinavian Nordic style, you need to pay attention to the basic feautures of this interior style including:

- Use natural materials like wood and stone.

- Use the dominant neutral color combination with contrasting elements to create accents for the space.

- Take advantage of natural light

- Choose furniture with simple, modern disign and high applicability.

Materials in Scandinavian interior decoration

Scandinavian style stands out with its simple, rustic and sophisticated beauty. Therefore, the materials, accessories and items in the room or apartment used for this style are:

- Wood: This is an indispensable material when it comes to Nordic style. Wooden accessories, tables and chairs, wardrobes, dressing tables,...bring a rustic beauty, simple, close to nature, creating afeeling of comfort and freshness.

- Stone: Stone materials is a characteristic element in Scandinavian design, especially pure white stone. They bring elegant and sophisticated beauty when placed in places to create accents such as wall, kitchen countertops, etc.

- Leather and fur: When these two materials are combined, they will bring unique creativity in Scandinavian design style. Leather is often used in sofas or armchairs,... And fur is mainly carpet or wall decoration, creating a warm, close space.

Scandinavian style colors

White is the typical symbol of Scandinavian design style. Because, this design is inspired by the Nordic snowy land.

The white color in the interior design not only helps to expand the space, but it is also very easy to coordinate with many other colors such as cream, light yellow, blue,... to create accents.

Lighting is very important in Scandinavian

One of the unique and creative points of Nordic style is taking advandge of natural light sources. Therefore, usually, in the room, there will be many windows with thin white curtains to attract outside light. Decorative lights commonly used in this style are lanterns, white or light yellow rattan lights.

Decorative elements

- Trees: Scandinavian style follows the natural and simple trend, so trees are considered an indispensable decoration accessory.

- Wood material: As mentioned above, wood material creates a rustic buy or make your own wooden accessories such as wooden cabinets, flowerpots, wall arcs, wooden curtains,... to decorate your room.

- Texture: Scandinavian style in the direction of simplicity and sophistication. Therefore, decorative motifs with patterns and checkered patterns are popular. Thay are often found in carpets. wall paintings, etc.


Because the Nordic design style follows minimalism, you need to focus on convenience and simlicity in interior arrangement. Multipurpose furniture items will be proiritized to use more. You can arrange armchairs, sofas, removable recliners, wall shelves, high-rise cabinets,... to save space, and at the same time choose natural materials such as rattan and bamboo tables and chairs,... contribute to increase the beauty of sophistication and creativity.

The reason why Scandinavian living style is increasingly popular

Make the room more spacious and airy

Understanding what Scandinavian style is will make it easy to see why this design style has always been so popular. Emphasis on bright, delicate beauty, using bright colors such as white, gray, blue is the characteristic of this style. The white walls bring the feeling of space expansion, spaciousness and ventilation to the room. Especially for houses and apartments in big cities with small and cramped spaces, the application of Scandinavian design is an ideal choice.

Easy to combine with other textures

Many people will think that the dominant white color will bring a feeling of monotony and boredom. However, Scandinavian interior style with the main white color is extremely easy to coordinate with other interior accessories. So what is the way to coordinate decorative accessories in Scandinavian style? very simly, using of light-colored carpets will help your whole room become bright, have accents and bring a cozy feeling. If you love a modern, dynamic style, you can combine accessories with plaid, asymmetrical,...

Make the most of natural light

So what is the light source of Scandinavian style? Using natural light is one of the important elements in Scandinavian interior design. This Nordic design trend makes the most of natural light by incorporating large windows and light colored curtains. This helps to increase the angle of light ditribution and bring an airy atmosphere to the room. This is also an impressive highlight of Scandinavian style.

6 ways to decorate the house in Scandinavian Nordic style

Scandinavian design interior style with light wood floors

With Scandinavian interior design style, light wood floors are always the first choice. They can be used in any space, except the bathroom. If you've installed dark wood floors, you can lighten them by using specialized floor products, and re-oil alighter color.

Neutral colors in Scandinavian interior style

Scandinabian interior style prioritizes choosing the main light tones such as: white, gray, blue, light colors, especially pastel colors. Note that you should only use one or two main colors.

Natural materials are important in Scandinavian design

To add beauty to Scandinavian interior style, often natural materials are always the perfect choice. By combining different types of material, such as containers amde from rattan, decorative accessories made of ceramic combined with furniture made from wood, etc. You will see a very beautiful, harmoniuous and elegant.

Decorate the room with natural light

Scandinavian interior style originates from the Nordic countries. Since these countries have long and dark winters, it is not surprising that people here always want to bring more light into their homes. Scandinavians often use ceiling lights, design many window frames and arrange them scattered around the room to diffuse light.

Minimalist modern furniture that clearly shows Scandinavian design

Another small detail worth paying attention to, is what when buying furniture, you should prioritize choosing items as minimal as possible. Because of the Scandinavian interior style, they do not use too many pattenrs, instead they choose versatile products with monotonous colors. This will create an airy space, feeling comfortable, not secretive but still fully equipped.

Choose a dark color sofa

There is a popular product in the Scandinavian interior style that is the deep color sofa. Usually used material is dark fabric unpholstery such as gray, dark blue, light gray,... with wooden legs, rounded or square design makes a difference, bold Nordic style.

Simple but delicate home decoration accessories

Finally, you should reduce the decorative accessories to a minimum. Think about the gaps, if you want you can paint a few more plants or decorate with basic accessories such as curtains, picture frames, carpets, etc. It will definitely increase the aesthetic value of your room.

Source: JYSK , Internet

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