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The reason why brown is popular in interior design

The interior expert of The Spruce (USA) explains why brown tones are making a comeback in the design trend of 2022.

Brown is a reasonable background color

According to designer Jenna Schumacher of Insert Design Studio, we can observe that popular colors like cool gray and bright white are used less and less in interior design by 2022.

Interior spaces today often choose warmer tones such as brown, rust and green. In particular, brown with a classic classic touch can easily be combined with most color palettes, becoming a neutral background color that is hard to go out of fashion.

Adding texture to the space

Unlike other colors, brown can appear in many large pieces of furniture with many different materials. For example, a house can have brown flooring, wooden sofa sets and brown leather upholstery.

Brown is also commonly used in textiles and other decorative items. With its versatility, this color will add interesting layers and textures to the space.

Brown has many different shades

Brown is not just a fixed color but a general term for a wide range of colors with different shades. Therefore, do not limit your creativity when choosing the main brown color for interior design.

"We're using taupe a lot for the wall color right now, it gives a warm feeling but remains neutral," said designers Alice Arterberry and Barrett Cooke of Arterberry Cooke.

Many experts also agree that brown in its deep and neutral form is the dominant color in the design world. "It's not the sepia of the '90s hardwood floor, but a slightly grayish tone that blends with colors that are common in the same space," says Amy Youngblood Interiors designer Amy Youngblood.

Choose the right brown color for the space to be harmonious and still have a modern breath, not outside of the latest design trends. The key is not to use just one shade of brown for every piece, but to combine different brown tones and textures to make the space less monotonous.

Add naturalness to the house

Brown is one of the colors occurring in nature (earth, tree trunks...) so it is especially suitable for interior spaces that tend to be close to nature. Bea Copeland, design consultant at Hudson Design, suggests incorporating this color in its natural form to create a distinctive feel in the living space.

Brown is an interesting accent color

If you're not ready to cover your living space with brown, you can use it as an accent color. A rug, a wooden corner table or just a brown wallpaper are great ways to use muted colors without worrying about the space becoming cramped or stale. Alternatively, mixing brown-toned accents with more modern materials like marble can have a dramatic effect.

Bao Chi (According to Spruce)


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