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Top 10 popular futniture styles, 2022

Choosing an interior style is always a big concern of many families. Not only help the house become more attractive and attractive, the interior design styles also show the personality and aesthetic taste of the owner. Here, let's join JYSK to refer to the top 10 popular and trending interior styles in 2022!

1. Nordic interior style (scandinavian style)

Scandinavian Nordic interior style is one of the interior design trends that is growing strongly in Viet nam in recent years. Not only impressed by its elegant and modern beauty, Scandinavian interior style also show its prominece through a harmoniuos color scheme. The main tones of Nordic style are white, brown and cream, combined with modern interior accessories to help adorn your living space.

2. Minimalism style

Surely we have all heard of the minimalist interior style. This is an interior design style that is loved by many families because of its sophisticated and modern beauty. Instead of using many decorative items, the Minimalism style focuses on simple design lines and the use of simple and multifuntional furniture. The main color of this room is neutral colors such as white, black, grey,... In addition, the Minimalism interior style also stands out with deverse decorative geometric blocks, increasing the attractiveness of the house.

3. Classic style

Classic interior style always brings impressive and sophisticated beauty to the house. This style focuses on the coherent arrangement of furniture, complex and sophisticated decorativemotifs to bring elegance and nobility. The classic design style is popular among the upper class due to its meticulous lines and materials, and its expensive cost.

4. Rustic style

Rustic interior style is a simple interior design trend that blends with nature. The interior items ine the Rustic style are rustic, primitive but no less impressive. Especially the raw brick or natural stone walls will bring a unique and new beauty to your home.

5. Retro style

When it comes to Retro interior style, we will immediately think of bright and cheerful colors such as yellow, orange, blue,... Interior items in this style are a harmonious combination of Classic and modern elegants design. Retro style focuses on an impressive mix of colors, nostalgic items but not to much cumbersome and fussy. This is also a feature of the design style formed in the 50s and 60s of the last century.

6. Maverick style

Maverick interior style is a creative breakthrough in interior decoration. This style fucuses on creative, unique, youthful designs that seem to not follow a single principle. Structural lines can be overlapped or colored in a random, dramatic way.

7. Modern style

This is one of the most popular interior styles chosen by many families. With a characteristic that always focuses on decorative details, the furniture is simple but bring comfort and funtionality when living. The layout also focuses on optimizing the space, so the modern dsign style is very suitable for small and narrow spaces such as apartment, level 4 houses, the inner city.

8. Hitech style

Hitech interior style, also known as high technology, is a style that uses modern furniture and high tech products. Therefore, hthis style is extremely suitable for those who are passionate about technology and love creativity, applying high end equiptment to the design. In addition, shiny metal item or glass surfaces are also factors that create unique features for the space of this interior style house.

9. Country style

Country interior design style is an interior architectural design inspire by the country of England, America, France,... The design in this style often bring elegant and romantic beauty to the house's space. Sweet pastel color are often used as the main tone for this style.

10. Indochine style

Indochine interior style is true to its name, it is an creative combination between the two great cultures of China and India, creating a quite, unique and attractive Asian beauty. Surely you will be attracted by rustic interior items such as bamboo, rattan beds,... Interior items made from natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, rattan are very popular in this style. Besides, neutral colors such as light yellow, cream yelllow, white are used as the main colors, bringing a feeling of lightness and comfort suitable for the Vietnamese climate.

Source: JYSK

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