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01. Prosperity Office

High-glass central office building

With the goal of bringing great experiences to Custoners, we are constantly researching to helo Custoners save the most, optimize usability and especially find ways to breathe the soul of the corprate culture into the working's space.

Not only a place to work, we also want to create a spce with positive energy, helping to stimulate the creative spirit and motivate to work more effectively.

​We focus on high-glass central building of Ho Chi Minh City, such as Vietcombank Tower, Saigon Trade Centre, Mplaza Saigon,...

Office for big shophouse and villa

The trend that more and more companies choose villas as offices. Partly to get away from the traffic jam and noise from the central areas. Partly to create the company's own character.

The advantage of villa is that it can create very private spaces but still ensure usable spaces. At the same time, it also helps business's owner to design in very personal style.

Unlime office building, villas help business owners feel more clearly about the existence and development of their business. 

​Another season is fengshui. The villa will help business's owners take the initiative and arrange the right fengshui. Meanwhile, in an office building, it is very difficult to arrange fengshui effectively.

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Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Area: more than 300m2

Building: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-

​Budget: more than 05 millions per square

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